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Competition is over – see you next year again!

Dear Friends,

We were happy to host you here in Pociunai airfield. Champions nominated, prizes given, FAI flag successfully given to Poland which will host WGC in 2018. Believe everyone has arrived home safely and without any outlandings :)

Please enjoy the great moments of Championships and its Closing Ceremony in PHOTOS section!

We would like to thank all Competitors, Teams and Captains, our Sponsors, Pociunai team, our professional Photographers, Prienai and Birstonas municipalities and all people who made this event smooth and successful!

Looking forward to see our best young pilots in Pociunai next year for 10th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships!

With our best regards
Organizers of WGC2016

Additional Turn Points files with Codes!

In the DOCUMENTS section please find additional turn points files with Codes in front of Name (e.g. “005Alytus”) as were discused in Captains briefing. The coordinates stay unchanged. Note: The Codes are not the same as you could find in the paper map – please contact your Captain for explanation.

With our best regards
Pociunai WGC2016 Team

Registration completed!

Yesterday the registration to Championships were completed!

More than 120 pilots from 29 countries will attend WGC2016.
See this amazing list of Greatest World Gliding Pilots in Entries section!

For pilots who has updates in gliders, CN or names of second Multi-seat class pilots, please let us know by sending an e-mail. Only one “TBA” contest number will be accepted! ;-)

Looking forward to meet you all in Pociunai!

With our best regards
Pociunai WGC2016 Team

Team office containers!

Dear Friends,

Today we did agreement with company who renting office containers.

We can propose for you office containers (6 x 2,7 m) with tables and 8 chairs for the 500 Eur for three weeks. In containers will be electricity, wi-fi internet.

Here you can charge battery, to do team meetings, put your antennas.

About your wishes to rent container we want to know till 30 March.

Best regards,
Championships director
Vytautas Sabeckis